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The People's Communication Charter makes demands on the information flow. The charter originates from some social movements (like The Third World Network, Malaysia) that considered the quality of the information flow too important to leave it completely to the governments and the market. Like the care for the natural environment, human rights, peace an savety, the information flow is also part of the responsibility of the citizens.

A text has been drafted to be used as guideline for a worldwide critical civil movement which has to do with information and culture.

The recent draft of the charter is the last version of a large and open editorial process. Many individuals and social movements have been involved during the past few years. This last version is not the final version because this charter will never be finished. The charter is the topic of an ongoing and dynamic process that is open to new ideas, and recommendations regarding translation of the text as well as to concrete actions.

You are welcome to contribute to this process.

Cees J. Hamelink, Centre for Communication Human Rights.





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The PCC is an international community of people dedicated to promoting communications rights on an international level. In order to help us achieve this goal we are looking for universities, groups, organizations who are willing to host a PCC web site mirror in their own language. We need volunteers both willing to contribute items about PCC activities in their own countries as well as host and translate the website in their own language. If you are interested in becoming involved in the Internationalization initiative, please contact PCC webmaster .

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