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Across the world people face pervasive forms of censorship, distorted and misleading information, stereotyped images of gender and race, restricted access to knowledge, and insufficient channels to communicate their ideas and opinions.

The People's Communication Charter is a first step in the development of a permanent movement concerned with the quality of our communication environment. The initiators of the PCC think it is time for individual citizens and their organisations to take an active role in the shaping of the cultural environment and to focus on the production and distribution of information and culture.



The People's Communication Charter provides the common framework for all those who share the belief that people should be active and critical participants in their social reality and should be able to communicate their ideas and opinions. The Charter is not an end in itself. It provides the basis for a permanent critical reflection on those world-wide trends that determine the quality of our lives in the third millennium. The PCC movement mobilizes support for the Charter by initiating a process of ratification by individuals and social movements. Moreover an intensive exchange of opinions on the concrete PCC text and implementation of the Charter's provisions is needed which is possible via this PCC site.

Voices 21

The People's Communication Charter is also a member organization under the Voices 21 group.

Voices 21 is an informal association of media activists and concerned individuals. It was founded in March 1999 with a view towards building a new social movement around media and communication issues. For more information, visit the Voices 21 web site at http://www.comunica.org/v21/. For more information on our other members please visit their web sites at:

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